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Brandon Wilkerson, CPA – Senior Audit Manager 

Tidwell Group continues to spotlight our outstanding accounting professionals in the “People Behind the Numbers.” We are excited to introduce the Affordable Housing industry to Brandon Wilkerson, CPA, based out of Tidwell Group’s Atlanta office. Brandon is a Senior Audit Manager with more than 10 years of public accounting experience with expertise in a variety of industries such as investment companies, affordable housing, not-for-profits, government, and public housing authorities.

Brandon has proven that success as a leader is certainly achievable in a remote world,” said Joshua D. Northcutt, Greater Atlanta Offices Managing Partner. “While he lives in Charlotte, his entire team is based in Atlanta. He is constantly developing and teaching through the various technologies available. In addition, Brandon is working on growing not only our core affordable housing business, but also our renewable energy and housing authority practice. Brandon adds tremendous value to the firm on all of these fronts.”

We sat down with Brandon to discuss his career development, overcoming challenges in the accounting profession, and why he chose Tidwell Group. We invite you to hear Brandon’s story and learn more about our People Behind the Numbers.


  1. Why did you first choose to work at Tidwell Group?
    Honestly, right place at the right time! I was working with a current Tidwell Group client and was just missing the public accounting atmosphere and team atmosphere. I knew several Tidwell Group employees from my prior public accounting firm and had only heard how great it was to work with the Company. As such, when I really wanted to consider getting back into public accounting the timing worked out well for Tidwell Group and the rest is history.
  2. What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?
    I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my job. Being able to work with the great leadership and staff here at the firm to help our clients solve complex accounting issues really make coming to work every day very enjoyable. Since we are in the client service industry being able to provide an expertise in an area to our clients is very rewarding to me.
  3. What is the toughest accountant problem you’ve tackled? How did you handle it?
    By far the most complex issue I have faced in my career is working with one our current clients on very complex consolidation entities. This client has approximately 250 lower tier entities that we had to help determine if consolidation was appropriate or not. While some of this work was very tedious it was rewarding in the fact that we were able to help the client with the review of various operating agreements to advise on the consolidation status. Also, the additional challenge of helping deconsolidate a section of these entities the following year after a partial sale made for even more challenging financial reporting issue. But, thanks to our senior leadership assistance we were able to work through everything in a timely manner to the client’s appreciation.
  4. What is one accomplishment at work that you are most proud of?
    My greatest accomplishment has been that we have been able to move up our deliverable for my clients each year by several weeks. Having to learn some new industries since starting at Tidwell Group being able to learn these new areas as well as find various efficiencies has allowed us to move up our deliverable timeline by several months since starting with the firms.
  5. How has Tidwell Group helped in your career development? 
    Tidwell Group has been a huge asset in my career development! I have been given the opportunity to work in several new industries since starting at Tidwell Group. This includes investment companies, mortgage companies and most recently companies in the renewable energy sector. Getting more experience in a vast majority of industries helps keep everything fresh and allows for me to grow as an auditor. Also, being able to take knowledge learned from one industry to another allows for us to expedite some of our audit procedures across all of my clients.
  6. What goals would you like to reach for the next five years at Tidwell Group? 
    1. I would like to be a go to leader within the firm related to the renewable energy industry. Having been involved in this area over the past couple of years and having been able to attend several conferences this is a sector in which Tidwell Group can excel for many years to come.
    2. Continue firm growth both internally and externally. Helping the firm find the best talent available as well finding new clients is very important to help the firm continue to grow.
    3. Would like to continue to advance in my career through promotions and firm leadership.
  7. What piece of advice would you give a new employee or an intern that is just starting out in their career?
    Don’t be afraid to fail. I have learned the the most my career at various employers by taking a chance to complete a task without having all the knowledge I might have needed. However, taking on a task and following it through to the end has shown me areas in which I needed to improve. Whether I completed the task correct or not the feedback received from a reviewer has helped me grow my overall audit skills. Taking the feedback received is just information you need to be able continue to grow and I would always suggest on trying to have your own solutions to problems prior to seeking additional advice.
  8. List three fun facts about yourself: 
    1. My wife and I recently had a baby girl, Gwynn Elizabeth, who we could not be prouder of.
    2. I graduated from Appalachian State University and while I went to school, I was a part of the first national championship football team out of the state of North Carolina.
    3. I really enjoy spending my free time at either the lake or on the golf course.

Thanks to Brandon for his hard work and dedication to the firm. We expect many great things from this outstanding professional. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the many talented People Behind the Numbers.

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