Our Core Principles are essential to the success of the firm and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger, healthier Tidwell Group, benefiting the affordable housing community, our employees and clients.
Balance is about work-life integration, expending appropriate amounts of energy to various parts of life: work, family, friends, health, and personal growth. This “balance” of well-roundedness and wholeness in life innately results in a sense of purpose, belonging, and happiness.
Understanding and the capacity for empathy, are essential in actively fulfilling the core value of respect. Encounters with all individuals, as well as other organizations and circumstances, should be based on their unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, resources, values, priorities and objectives.
Our belief in integrity reflects the value we place on ethics, honor and honesty. Integrity is the foundation of how we operate our business in an ethical way and is the moral compass to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect for our employees and clients, in order to build sustainable relationships.
We honor the inherent value of every individual’s unique story, experience, and perspective. We strive to amplify the voices of our employees, clients and community, and to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can contribute one’s authentic self.
As a teaching organization, our commitment to high-level, value-add service begins with a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable team dedicated to helping Tidwell Group employees discover and develop their educational, vocational and interpersonal potential.
Excellence reflects our unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment to strive for the best solution and experience to our clients. Excellence is the main driver to achieving goals efficiently and effectively, and to unleashing our potentials and stretching our limits.