The renewable energy sector of today is a dynamic tapestry of expansion and potential. Tidwell Group is here to steer your company ahead, adeptly tackling today’s most intricate issues and requirements.

Comprehensive Services for Renewable Energy Projects

Dive into our all-encompassing suite of services tailored for the renewable energy industry. Our unified team champions every major energy sector, providing seamless solutions for challenges green energy investors and stakeholders face.


We proudly serve many clients in the renewable energy field, encompassing independent energy producers, project developers, fiscal equity investors, and both infrastructure and private capital funds.
  • Transaction structure advisory
  • Financial projection preparation and compilation services
  • Project finance support/advisory
  • Evaluation of tax equity investor term sheets
  • Construction and permanent debt advisory
  • Back-levered debt advisory/sponsor interest monetization
  • State rebate/renewable energy certificate (REC) contract analysis and advisory
  • Tax equity investor introductions
  • Transaction support services
  • Production tax credit “begun construction” safe harbor advisory services
  • General consulting


After rigorous analysis and vetting, we model deals and oversee the accounting, taxation, and financial documentation essentials, ensuring seamless support for tax equity financial institutions, private investors, and additional stakeholders.
  • Financial statement audits
  • Tax return preparation
  • Project cost certification audits/cost segregation reports
  • Financial projections–accountants’ compilation report
  • Production tax credit safe harbor accountants’ reports

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Unlock the power of true sustainability with our specialized tax credit services for Renewable Energy projects. Transform your green initiatives into tangible financial benefits and propel your business towards a brighter, more eco-conscious future.

Meet our Renewable Energy Tax Credit Team Leaders


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