What differentiates Tidwell Group from other accounting and consulting firms?

The entrepreneurial spirit and community focus of Tidwell Group fuels our trajectory as one of the fastest-growing public accounting and advisory firms in the country. What this means for our clients and employees is a singular focus on delivering excellence while never losing sight of the people behind every transaction.

Focusing on the affordable housing, real estate and construction industries, Tidwell Group has an established history and reputation of personal guidance and value-driven service offerings in audit and assurance, tax, and consulting. We choose to deliver a deeper level of knowledge and consulting to the most complex and changing industries today. As a result, our employees and clients can identify trends early and remain flexible to support stronger financial foundations.

With roots dating back to 1997, our firm grew to six offices and approximately 135 professionals before merging with a national real estate accounting firm. Founder Barry Tidwell spun off from this Top 10 firm in 2015 with several other partners. Together, they charted a course for Tidwell Group that has brought us national status as an independent firm with a clear vision for future growth.

How? We understand economic cycles in the real estate and construction industries and how to guide clients through them. We work just as hard to develop and retain talented people who want to make a difference.

With offices in Alabama, Texas, Greater Atlanta, and Ohio, Tidwell Group offers a broad presence for state and national guidance as well as abundant career opportunities.

Explore the Tidwell Group difference for yourself. Meet our people.

Meet our people

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Meaningful Social Impact

Tidwell Group’s Community Service Board or Impact Team comprises community-minded members from all levels within the firm. Members are responsible for identifying causes that meet community needs through the passions and interests of our firm-wide team.
To help coordinate this effort across the firm, our Tidwell Group Impact Team forms committees at each office to plan and facilitate all the service activities in their communities. This helps us to deliver meaningful local impact.
Whether it is through traditional giving, firm-wide volunteer days, or paid personal days to contribute volunteer time, Tidwell Group donates significant resources and hours to help the communities where we live and work.

Mission & Core Principles

Be a valued business partner by helping clients navigate the increasingly complex challenges present in today’s business landscape.

Tidwell Group is committed to the following:

  • Helping clients from inception and during the lifetime of the business life cycle
  • Providing proven experience and expertise in tax, assurance, and consulting services
  • Using a hands-on approach at all levels of service
  • Delivering innovative and value-added solutions that meet and exceed client needs

BRIDGE is the acronym that represents our Core Principles, which are essential to the firm’s success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger, healthier Tidwell Group, benefiting the affordable housing community, our employees, and our clients.

Balance – Work-life balance is about disbursing appropriate amounts of energy to various parts of life: work, family, friends, health, and personal growth. This “balance” of well-roundedness in life innately results in a sense of purpose, belonging, and happiness. Those who achieve work-life balance skillfully manage their time, self, and stress.
Respect – The capacity for empathy is essential in actively fulfilling the core value of respect. Encounters with all individuals, as well as other organizations and circumstances, should be based on their unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, resources, values, priorities, and objectives. Respectful people are polite, helpful, good listeners, don’t make excuses, and have the ability to let go of anger.
Integrity – Our belief in integrity reflects the value we place on ethics, honor, and honesty. Integrity is the foundation of how we operate our business ethically and is the moral compass to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect for our employees and clients to build sustainable relationships. People of integrity are honest, respectful, reliable, and responsible and generate trust.
Diversity – We honor and recognize the inherent value and differences of every individual’s unique story, experience, perspective, resources, and opportunities. We strive to amplify the voices of all our employees, clients, and community to create a safe, equal, and inclusive environment where everyone can contribute to one’s authentic self. People who exhibit the core principle of diversity create motivation and momentum in others regardless of personal bias, style, preference, lens, or focus.
Guidance – As a teaching organization, our commitment to high-level, value-add service begins with a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable team dedicated to helping Tidwell Group employees discover and develop their educational, vocational, and interpersonal potential. Those who exhibit the core principle of Guidance build team morale, promote our core values, encourage teamwork, motivate their peers, and celebrate the success of others.
Excellence – Excellence reflects our unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment to strive for the best solution and experience for our clients. Excellence is the primary driver to achieving goals efficiently and effectively, unleashing our potential, and stretching our limits. People of excellence are self-aware, confident, humble, optimistic, curious, voracious readers, and punctual.