Congratulations 2022 BRIDGE Award Winners

We are excited to share our 2022 Bridge Award recipients. Each year, the firm recognizes employees who exemplify the attributes of our Core Principles.

Each office honors six people, one for each principle and one ‘Overall Bridge Award’ recipient. Their commitment to these values in words and actions builds a more robust, healthier Tidwell Group. Thank you for helping to make us better each day.

Below are the attributes of each Core Principle. The Overall Bridge Winner exhibits all of the firms core principles.

  • Balance – Those who achieve work-life balance skillfully manage their time, self, and stress.
  • Respect – Respectful people are polite, helpful, good listeners, don’t make excuses, and have the ability to let go of anger.
  • Integrity – People of integrity are honest, respectful, reliable, responsible and generate trust.
  • Diversity People who exhibit the core principle of diversity create motivation and momentum in others regardless of personal bias, style, preference, lens, or focus.
  • Guidance – Those who exhibit the core principle of Guidance build team morale, promote our core values, encourage teamwork, motivate their peers, and celebrate the success of others.
  • Excellence – People of excellence are self-aware, confident, humble, optimistic, curious, voracious readers, and punctual.


Overall Bridge Award Recipient

Sarah G.

Birmingham Individual Core Principle Recipients

  • Balance – Natalie G.
  • Respect – April P.
  • Integrity – Olga T.
  • Diversity – Brianna B.
  • Guidance – David T.
  • Excellence – Joel B.


Overall Bridge Award Recipient

Art M.

Atlanta Individual Core Principle Recipients

  • Balance – Stella T.
  • Respect – Ashley K.
  • Integrity – Chami D.
  • Diversity – Julie L.
  • Guidance – Jared V.
  • Excellence – Colt T.


Overall Bridge Award Recipient

Abby M.

Columbus Individual Core Principle Recipients

  • Balance – Nicole T.
  • Respect – Mikaela K.
  • Integrity – Holly T.
  • Diversity – Allie W.
  • Guidance – Josh E.
  • Excellence – Tori M.

Johns Creek

Overall Bridge Award Recipient

Chris R.

Johns Creek Individual Core Principle Recipients

  • Balance – Bryan P.
  • Respect – Casey M.
  • Integrity – Dexter B.
  • Diversity – Rebecka F.
  • Guidance – Jacob C.
  • Excellence – Maribeth E.
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