How much can Section 45L save you?

You may be eligible for hundreds of thousands in tax credits.

In addition to low-income and historic tax credits, many developers are finding out the Section 45L (energy efficiency) tax credits can save hundreds of thousands, even millions, on new residential and mixed-use projects.

Case Study:

A client recently completed an apartment complex renovation project made up of 330 units. After several adjustments to the scope of work, the developer was able to satisfy the energy saving requirement of 50% and realize a tax credit of $660,000.  Some energy efficient features include: insulated exterior doors, dual pane window wall insulation, R-13 thru R-10+, roof insulation R-38+, vinyl low-E windows, reflective roofing materials, new HVAC units with SEER rating 13+, and 80%+ efficiency gas furnaces.

Section 45L tax credit has NOT been extended to 2017, but we can amend previous tax returns that have been filed within the last three years. Call me today to help you determine if your property qualifies for the Section 45L energy tax credit.

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