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Jessica Smith, CPA – Senior Consulting Manager 

We would like to introduce the Affordable Housing industry to Jessica Smith, CPA, located at Tidwell Group’s Johns Creek office. Jessica is a Senior Consulting Manager with over six years of public accounting experience.

Jessica is passionate about our industry, our clients, and our teammates at Tidwell Group,” said Ashley Northcutt, Tax Partner. “Her drive to understand the nuances of each deal to ensure our clients get the best service is commendable. Her dedication to this industry and her teammates is a great example of what makes Tidwell Group the best place to work. We look forward to watching Jessica continue to grow her career here and benefit the Affordable Housing industry.”

We invite you now to hear Jessica’s story and what has helped shaped her career development at Tidwell Group.


  1. Why did you first choose to work at Tidwell Group? 
    I began my accounting career as a non-traditional student, with many years of work experience under my belt already. I wanted to join a firm that offered true hands-on experience. I loved the idea that as an intern, I would be treated as a first-year staff and get to see what it was like in the day-to-day life at a public accounting firm and get to see projects through from start to finish.
  2. What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?
    I most enjoy the challenging work. I get to learn new things daily and continuously increase my knowledge of the accounting and LIHTC industries. I’m never bored on the job!
  3. What is the toughest accountant problem you’ve tackled? How did you handle it? 
    I have worked on several cost certifications for large developments, varying special circumstances (scattered-site, mix-units, commercial space, community service facility, etc.). The best way to say I handled it is to compare it to running a marathon, one step at a time! I drew on the information that I knew and utilized my resources to help me get through the rest. Thankfully, at Tidwell Group, there are people with knowledge greater than mine, that are always willing to help when needed.
  4. What is one accomplishment at work that you are most proud of? 
    I am so proud of the growth of the Development Team! The ability to provide excellent service to our clients and help support our Audit and Tax Teams is so rewarding. I love sharing the knowledge I have of the development stages and seeing others grow and thrive in this area.
  5. How has Tidwell Group helped in your career development? 
    I am surrounded by the best mentors and colleagues that help support, encourage, and teach me daily. Without the tremendous amount of knowledge passed down to me, I definitely would not have progressed so fast in my accounting career.
  6. What goals would you like to reach for the next five years at Tidwell Group? 
    I would like to see my team continue to grow and help them achieve their career aspirations and build on my competencies to hopefully join our amazing Partner group one day.
  7. What piece of advice would you give a new employee or an intern just starting? 
    Be selfish with your career! Ask questions, take notes, think outside the box, and absorb everything you can.
  8. List three fun facts about yourself: 
    I’ve lived in eight different states (California, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia).
    I bought my first house last year! (Something I never thought I would do based on my moving track record)
    I love to bake.

We would like to thank Jessica for her hard work and commitment to serving her clients. We expect many great things from this outstanding young professional. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the many talented #PeopleBehindTheNumbers.

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