Tidwell Group Continues Growth as 21 Employees Advance Careers Firm Wide

At Tidwell Group, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched opportunities for our experienced professionals to grow their careers. Each of the following individuals have dedicated themselves to growing the Tidwell Group brand and creating their own personal brand by making their name known inside our firm, among our clients and in the surrounding communities through community service. Your personal brand is a unique personal and professional identity, a coherent message that sets you apart from others. It helps in building your confidence while gaining the trust, authenticity, and credibility you want from others. It involves carefully and accurately communicating and carrying out our firm values, goals, and objectives that define our culture. Each of us do this in our own way, through interactions and building deeper relationships and trust as we all try to find new and better ways to serve our clients and our surrounding communities. As a firm, we celebrate in these successes and are happy to announce the following promotions among our Tidwell Group team!

Congratulations to each of our employees for their hard work and dedication! It is our sincere hope and desire to continue to grow this organization and promote many more deserving and eligible individuals to new levels within Tidwell Group. Please join us in celebrating these opportunities afforded to these deserving teammates!




Tidwell Group continues to increase the depth of its already impressive team and further solidifies its position as one of the top Affordable Housing accounting firms in the country.
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